KENO - rules and results [Poland]

Keno is a popular lottery game in Poland that offers players the chance to win big prizes by selecting a set of numbers. The game is similar to Multi Multi, with the exception of the price of the bet, the amount of the winnings, and the pool of numbers. The rules of Keno are straightforward, and the game is easy to play.

How to Play Keno

Keno is played by drawing 20 balls from a pool of 70 possible numbers. Players can choose to bet on as few as one number or as many as ten. The winnings depend on the option chosen. On one ticket, you can mark a maximum of three bets. In Keno, it is possible to win something by simply playing the game. The fee for one bet is 2.00 zł, and the additional fee for the multiplier option is 2 zł. You can play with a stake of 1x up to 10x.

The Keno Multiplier

Keno offers players the chance to multiply their winnings by choosing the multiplier option. The system randomly selects a multiplier of 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 10x. The selected multiplier multiplies your winnings if you have purchased this option. A single Keno bet with a multiplier costs 4 zł. The Keno multiplier is not a stake but a kind of bonus. The chances of winning the multiplier are not the same for all options, with 1x appearing much more frequently (approximately 46% of draws) than 10x (only about 1% of draws).

Where to Play Keno

Keno is available to play at almost every Lotto collection point. Lotto results are continuously displayed on a special monitor at the sales point, and you can purchase a ticket for many draws.

Playing Keno Online

Keno is now available to play legally online at the Lotto website. Keno started on the online site on September 30, 2019. Totalizator Sportowy is gradually introducing new games into their online offer at To play Keno online, players can visit the website and click "Play Keno" and then choose how many numbers to bet on, decide whether to choose the numbers randomly or select them manually, select the stake up to a maximum of 10x, and choose the number of draws, up to 50 in total.

Keno Prizes

The amount of the Keno prize depends on the type of bet. To find out how much you can win, find the number of chosen numbers as a column and the number of correct numbers as a row in the table of prizes. The difference compared to Multi Multi is that here you can win without hitting any number.

Players can win big prizes in Keno, with the chance to win up to 200,000 zł for correctly choosing all ten numbers. The game is easy to play, and with the added multiplier option, the chances of winning even larger prizes are increased. Keno can be played at almost any Lotto collection point, and now, with the added online option, playing Keno is more convenient than ever.

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